KPF selected as 'Excellent Labor-Management Culture Company' in 2023

  • Date : 2023.07.18 18:05
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  • ·Recertification as Excellent Labor-Management Culture Company following 2019
  • ·Recognized for Overcoming COVID-19 Crisis through Labor-Management Cooperation

On the 18th, KPF announced that its Chungju factory was selected as one of the 28 companies awarded the title of "Excellent Labor-Management Culture Company" for the year 2023 by the Ministry of Employment and Labor.

Established in 1963, KPF is a company that specializes in the development and production of industrial fasteners (bolts, nuts, washers, etc.) used in construction, industrial machinery, plants, heavy equipment, wind power, as well as automotive components like bearings and gears.

The "Excellent Labor-Management Culture Company" title has been awarded since 1996 by the Ministry of Employment and Labor to recognize companies that actively practice a collaborative labor-management relationship based on mutual understanding.

The selection of KPF's Chungju factory for this award holds special significance as it is the second time receiving this recognition after being chosen as an Excellent Labor-Management Culture Company in 2019. This reaffirms their commitment to fostering a cooperative labor-management relationship and fulfilling their social responsibilities.

To qualify for this certification, the workplace with a labor-management council must have no disqualifying factors such as illegal labor disputes in the last 3 years or records of accidents publicized in accordance with the Occupational Safety and Health Act. The rigorous evaluation process involves two rounds of strict assessments over approximately 4 months.


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