Chairman Greetings

Creating a new culture
in the Industrial Parts & Fasteners

KPF has grown and advanced as a result of the trust and encouragement bestowed upon us by our customers since our foundation 60 years ago. Our success has been guided by our management philosophy of striving for production efficiency and serving our customers with sincerity and integrity.

To fulfill our role as a top-tier parts and fastener manufacturer at home and abroad, we moved to a larger plant in Chungju in December 2005 and changed our name from Korea Bolt to Korea Parts & Fasteners (KPF). This has opened a new era for us.

To become a world-class enterprise with a bright future we will concentrate our energies on improving quality and enhancing our competitiveness to meet the needs of our customers.
By pursuing customer-satisfaction ahead of changing global trends, we will create a new culture in the industrial part and fastener sector.

We sincerely hope that our customers will continue to show interest in us and support us

President Greetings

We are moving forward to be a
Global Top Tier Parts & Fasteners company

KPF has grown into a global parts & fasteners manufacturer, constantly offering new technologies to our customers with passion and innovation that never stopped for more than half a century.

KPF is now preparing next 50 years to continue business for over 100 years.
We will meet customer needs and renovate to a more value-added product portfolio, and upgrade SCM to inforce competitiveness by improvement of operational excellence.
KPF will also strengthen the company's continuous value creation by pursuing value focused management.

KPF has the people, technologies and global network with customers and partners already for the realization of value focused management.
By the stronger collaboration of people, technologies and network, KPF will jump up to the Global Top-tier Parts & Fasteners manufacturer with creating value for humanity.