KPF builds cooperative networks with partners to secure competitiveness in the world and contribute social responsibility.

No. of partners Cooperation: 140 companies

Details of partner support for win-win cooperation

① Purchasing raw material

② Financial support

③ R&D

④ Production

⑤ IT

⑥ Co-launch foreign factory

KPF is followed 3 guidelines for cooperation between conglomerates and small and midsize enterprise legislated by the Fair Trade Commission

① Introduction and Observance with 'Contract guide for cooperation between conglomerate and small and midsize enterprise'

② Introduction and Observance with 'selection and application guide' by the Fair Trade Commission

③ Introduction and Observance with 'establishment and application guide for subcontract' by the Fair Trade Commission for prevention from unfair subcontract

Social Contribution

A warm world where you can be happier by sharing.
KPF shares a sense of social responsibility and has contributed in many small ways to making the local community a better place to live.

- Donation to the Sacred Heart Rehabilitation Center for the Deaf

- Donation to the House of Sharing

Environment Management

KPF has been continuously interested in developing clean energies of the future like renewable energy.
KPF joined forces with wind power generator makers, blade makers and tower makers in the US, India and Europe to participate in the wind power generation equipment manufacturing project, and we are capitalizing on its technical know-how of fastening, which is related to construction, to cooperate with leading companies in an effort to popularize the wind power generation technology with local technology.

Ethical Management

KPF, as a leading company in the Fasteners and Automotive Parts industry, is presenting the code of conducts for Moral management to realize the global missions, enhance the healthy corporate cultures, and complete the social responsibilities through the fair competition.

  • We shall perform the task based on the faithfulness and respect to the fair market economy and trade regulations.
  • We shall recognize customer as the most precious assets to us and do our best to create the customer satisfaction.
  • We shall respect the executives and staff members’ personality and try to make an effort to the best company.
  • We shall not require or take financial or non-financial profit from the related party. We shall maintain the honor of company and personal dignity and behave in order to gain a trust from our valuable customer.
  • We shall not utilize company assets for private purpose and give priority to the company profit in case of conflict with the private profit.

Please suggest us any time if you see the irrational practice, unfair process or something against wholesome company culture. Thanks.

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