Corporate mark

KPF, an affiliated company of the SH Group, realizes 'connection' and 'integrity', 'communication' aspiring bright future like sunshine. To emphasize company name and bulid up presence in the global market quotation mark is used.

Color system

The KPF's color uses the contrast of Green, Deep blue, and Orange to increase the clarity of KPF's identity.

Main color

  • C85 M0 Y100 K0

    R0 G163 B62

  • C97 M55 Y18 K10

    R0 G94 B149

  • C69 M0 Y100 K2

    R235 G110 B0

Sub color

  • C20 M0 Y0 K80

    R72 G81 B87

  • C0 M0 Y0 K70

    R114 G113 B113

  • C0 M0 Y0 K55

    R148 G148 B149

Prohibition Case

*Please do not modify the figure and color as above examples


The KPF's Emblem is a combination of hexagonal bolts that shape the image of harmony. Emblem, a symbol of connecting separate things together, is widely known to customers along with KPF products.




Modern formality but classy formality(Beauty)

Correlation to match the nature of the parent company and its subsidiaries' industries(Linkage)

Unique originality from existing CI published domestically and internationally(Unique)

Tradition is important, but action is future-oriented innovation(Innovation)

Story Line

Songhyun: Songhyun is a compound word of the two words, “Pine Tree” and “Sunrise.”

The word visualizes the company name and symbolizes harmony between Yin and Yang.

The quotation mark emphasizes the company name as a symbol of communication and integration through dialogue.

The future image of sunrise awakening all things on earth is represented in colors.

Blue, green, and reddish yellow respectively represent the earth, an evergreen tree and sunrise

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